Call Center (Voip)


You need the following requirements in managing headaches on managing calls to the hotline system:

  • Want to handle multiple simultaneous calls at once.
  • Product sales and marketing.
    Popup customer information.
  • Search customers by phone.
  • Create a campaign to promote the company’s brand image.
  • Customer care that uses too many heads.
  • Calls between employees and customers are not recorded for management.
  • No statistics to measure the performance of each employee.

You will not need to worry too much SAIGON-OFFICE will solve all the above problems for you. With Call Center solution (Voip) used via internet connection.

SAIGON-OFFICE is proud to have a lot of experience in providing customer service and telesales solutions. You can select all numbers such as 1800, 1900, fixed number, Mobile number.

Characteristics of each number:

* Head of 1800: Number of incoming calls, callers are free of charge, your business pays for callers
* Heading 1900: The number only accepts incoming calls. Your business is entitled to charge rates for incoming callers. Your business is entitled to discounted rates from the network.
* Fixed number: Heading both inbound and outbound, applied according to different rates of each carrier
* Mobile number: Number of inbound and outbound and prepaid promotions of operators like Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone.

Hotline: 0932 050 365 – Ms. Trúc  or 028-38232311

SAIGON-OFFICE is very pleased to serve you!

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