Accounting Services


Accounting services at SAIGON-OFFICE will help businesses contact with management agencies, register accounting forms, make monthly, quarterly and year-end tax reports.

The bookkeeping system is one of the important factors in every business. Coming to the accounting service of SAIGON-OFFICE, enterprises can be more assured for the development process and sustainable stability of the company; is a good solution for businesses that don’t have much experience.

Along with reasonable cost, professional, accurate, effective and reliable. Businesses can rest assured to devote their time, talent, and mind to their business strategies, but also save more costs.

SAIGON-OFFICE accounting services include:

  • Contact management agencies.
  • Register accounting forms.
  • Perform the duties of Chief Accountant.
  • Gather documents, record books.
  • Prepare financial statements, tax returns and settlements.
  • Go to making reports for executive management of business leaders.


Monthly report

  • Prepare and submit tax reports using 2D bar code software.
  • Print receipts – payments, export – import votes.
  • Complete accounting books in accordance with current regulations by software: fund book, report of XNT, details book, sum of liabilities, general journal, general ledger, balance sheet arises, …
  • Prepare and submit statistical reports.
  • Track registration for fixed asset depreciation.
  • Accounting, transfer, balance monthly profit and loss.
  • Dispatch people directly to work with tax authorities & amp; pay taxes in NN treasury

Quarterly report

  • Prepare a temporary business income tax report.
  • Prepare an invoice usage report.

Final year balance

  • Settlement of corporate income tax + VAT.
  • Year-end financial statements, including: balance sheet, balance sheet, business performance report, cash flow report, financial statement explanation. </ li>
  • Year-end tax declaration: license tax declaration, registration of fixed asset depreciation, salary registration

Hotline: 0932 050 365 – Ms. Trúc  or 028-38232311

SAIGON-OFFICE is very pleased to serve you!

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