Fixed Seat


Fixed seat is a stable working position that customers lease for a limited time and use full time. Suitable for newly established businesses, enterprise companies open representative offices, the most economical solution



  • 01 working position (desk) + personal filing cabinet.
  • Photo-copy, scan, printer
  • Use the transaction address
  • Brand of the company in front of SaiGon-Office building
  • Put a brand logo on SaiGon-Office website
  • Receptionist (fluent in English).
  • Use the common seating area (15-30 ’).
  • Water, tea, coffee
  • Receiving mail
  • Forward mail, postal items to the address you request (domestic or foreign). Customer pay the fee directly to the supplier.
  • Use phone numbers and general faxes
  • Private telephone exchange and call forwarding; You own 01 private switchboard with the features: Automatic greeting when an incoming call, automatic call forwarding when a call comes in (01 free line, 2 - 05 lines surcharge 300,000 VND / month, 06 - 10 lines additionally add 500,000 VND if required to use), monthly usage fee You will pay directly to the network.
  • High speed fiber optic internet transmission system
  • In template Web design 1tr - 1tr5 / website.
  • Meeting room 20% discount
  • Security guards, cleaning staff 24/24
  • * Deposit 02-month, monthly payment.
Fixed Seat
3,000,000 VND/month
* Deposit 02-month, monthly payment.
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