Representative Office


Services Representative offices in SaiGon-Office are only for businesses who want to establish their own law firms, for foreigners to set up representative offices, or have foreign capital, or have a company that wants to establish more branch.

As the owner of the building, SaiGon-Office will satisfy you to get 01 license easily and completely legal with all procedures specified by the Department of Planning and Investment.

van phong dai dien

The lease has a specific m2 position and must comply with some regulations of the Planning and Investment Department (please contact reception for guidance).


Trading address is right in the center of District 1 Ho Chi Minh

Business address is located in the city center with full legal as well as long-term stability for development. Your business will be more professional, more reputable in the eyes of customers.

Company sign is placed in front of SaiGon-Office building (100% free)

Company signs will be located in our building with full legal status. You can focus on business issues

Company logo is advertised on SaiGon-Office Website

The company logo is advertised on SaiGon-Office website, when visitors click on it, it will lead to the introduction page of your company.

Free Web Hosting + Email, servers located at VTN2.

When registering a representative office service package at SaiGon-Office, customers will receive free Web Hosting + Email with servers located at VTV2. (Please contact reception)

International domain names (.com, .net, .org ...): 100% free

Customers will get free international domain names (.com, .net, .org …). (Please contact reception).

In template Website design: 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 / website

Customers will be given preferential website design services available for only VND 1,000,000 – 1,500,000 VND / Website. (Please contact reception).

Receive and forward mail

Receiving and forwarding letters and postal items to the address you request, when receiving mail, you must pay the sending fee.

20% discount for a professional meeting room

20% reduction of professional meeting rooms: projectors (projector), wifi, printer, photo copy, … spring water, perfect tea, coffe …. reception at the ground floor.


Official Price
Payment 01 Year
(VAT excluded
Payment 01 Year
(VAT included)
(VND / Month)
(VAT excluded)
Every 12 months
Every 12 months
Representative Office & Law Office
1,500,000 VND
18,000,000 VND
19,800,000 VND

All packages are rent Deposit: 500,000 VND
* The contract term is at least 01 year.
* Payment method: 12 months / time.

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